Service support

Training Program

We provide thepurchaser with the following technical training:

Teacher: Seniorengineer

Training Time: 2-3days


  The main targets are users’ operating crew.

  1.The training goal is: To master names,principles and functions of all parts of the generating sets used by users.

  2.Normal operational program and normalsteps, including open, shut down;Correct identification and use of variousinstruments, meters and switches.

  3.Familiar with simple troubleshooting andtreatment schemes

  4.Familiar with set users and maintenanceprocedures

  Training Location: User’s site

Level-2 Training:

  The main targets are five to sevenmaintenance personnel designated by users.Training Goal: Besides all content oflevel-1, the following are also needed to master:

  1.Primary technical maintenance to set

  2.Familiar with the site’s control circuit diagram and can conduct primary maintenance to theset

  3.Familiar with all parameters of the setpurchased

  Training Location: User’s site

  Training Time: Select starting up andcommissioning time of the generating set; conduct starting up and commissioningat the same time

  After training, users’ maintenance personnel can operate imported original UK Wilsongenerating sets skillfully and conduct normal maintenance and repair work