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Generating Set Maintenance Plan


No.1 Objective


Standardize the maintenance work of diesel engine generators, ensure the diesel engine generator in good conditions and ensure the diesel engine generator runs well.


No.2  Scope of Application


Suitable for the maintenance and repair work of all types of diesel generators.


No.3 Duties


The Project Operation and Maintenance Department in relevant region is responsible for formulating and implementing the Annual Plan of Diesel Generator Maintenance and Daily Maintenance and Repair Plan of Diesel Generating Sets.


No.4 Key Points of Procedures


The principle of formulating the Annual Plan of Diesel Generator Maintenance:


Frequency of using diesel generators;


The operational state of diesel generators (hidden faults);


Reasonable time (avoid holidays, special active days, etc.)


The Annual Plan of Diesel Generator Maintenance should contain the following content:


Maintenance items and contents


Time of the implementation of maintenance and repair


Estimated cost


Spare parts and spare planning


4.3Maintenance Items


1)The generating set manufactory or trained personnel are responsible for the maintenance and repair of accessories of the diesel generator.


2)The maintenance and repair period of air filter is once every 50 hours of running time;


Implementation Steps: Take apart the iron hoop, remove the dust storage and filter element, clean the filter from top to bottom carefully; brush external dust with a hair brush; clear the grease or other dirt with diesel or detergent after removing the filter element; and fit them out after drying; clean the dust on the paper filter element; hold the filter element with a hand, hit the filter element gently with a stick with the other hand, making dust fall naturally; brush away the dust in the gaps with a hair brush and then blow away the dust with compressed air outward. Observe from the outside of the filter element, if any spot is found, it means that the filter element has a hole and then a filter element with the same model should be replaced.


Notice: It is strictly prohibited to have the filter element contact with oil or water.


3)Battery maintenance cycle is once every 50 hours of operation:


Implementation Steps: Check whether the storage battery is fully charged or needs to charge with a multimeter; check whether the battery liquid level is on the normal position on the counter electrode; if it is not enough, add distilled water or battery replenisher to the position mentioned above; check whether the battery binding post is corroded or has traces of ignition. If there is any such phenomenon, repair, process or replace the battery and butter.


4)Maintenance should be done once every 100 hours of operation. Check every belt; replace them timely is any damage or failure is found; lift and press the middle part of the belt with hand, adjust it if it is too loose or too tight.


5)Radiator maintenance cycle is once every 20 hours of operation: spray and wash the outside with hot water (with detergent added in) in the way of spraying from the front of the radiator and facing the direction of the fan; check whether the cooling fan has any foreign objects; keep the fan rotate smoothly; and check whether the radiator leaks after all the work is completed.


6) The lubricating oil system maintenance cycle is once every 200 hours of operation; start the diesel generator, let it run for 15 minutes; stop it when the diesel generator is too hot and discharge the oil from the oil pan plug screw; tighten the bolt with 110NM (torque wrench), then add in new oil same with that in the engine to the oil pan; remove crude oil filter, replace new oil filter; the new filter should be filled with fresh oil with the same model of that in the engine; replace precision filter element (purchased from the agency) and add in new oil with the same model of that in the engine.


7)Diesel filter maintenance cycle is removing the diesel filter once every 200 hours of operation. Change new filter and fill with new clean diesel and then install the diesel filter. Charging generator and starter-generator maintenance cycle is once every 600 hours of operation: Clean all parts and bearings; add in new lubricating oil after blow-dry; clean the carbon brush; if the abrasion thickness of the carbon brush exceeds 1/2 that of the new, replace it timely; check whether the transmission is flexible; the abrasion situation of the starting motor gear and apply for assigned maintenance if the gear is seriously worn.


8)Motor maintenance cycle is once every six months to a year. Remove dust inside with compressed air, tighten all connector lugs; process and tighten rusted or overheated connector lugs timely.


Notice: The above maintenance items should be done at least once every year


9)Maintenance per shift: Conduct shift maintenance before every shift of operation and after stopping. The main contents are:


Check and add diesel, engine oil and cooling water


Check and get rid of oil leak, water leak and gas leak phenomenon of diesel engine


Check and tighten bolts at all positions (nuts)


Clean the outside of the diesel engine and wipe away dirt, dust and greasy dirt


Check and adjust the belt tightness


Check and eliminate all kinds of abnormalities


Check whether the control system is normal and maintain the set is in a hot standby state


No.5 Maintenance Record


All maintenance work above should be recorded in the Diesel Generator Maintenance Record in a clear, complete and standard manner; and the record should be archived and preserved for a long time by the Operation and Maintenance Department within three days after every time of maintenance.




Diesel Generator Maintenance Record Form


Special Event Report


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