Mercedes-Benz (MTU) generators

Product model: Mercedes-Benz (MTU) generators

Product number: HDDYFDJZ-005

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  Mercedes Benz generator superior quality, internal combustion engine generator set by national quality supervision and inspection center of Ministry of Posts and telecommunications industry, industry product quality supervision and inspection center, obtained ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. Mercedes Benz (MTU) MDEC electronic control system with series unit, self checking, fault alarm indicating, recording and other functions. Scope of application: Mercedes Benz diesel generators are widely used in heavy vehicles, engineering machinery, railway locomotive.

  The characteristics of diesel generator:

  1, MTU2000 series diesel generating sets using ADEC advanced management system, realize the electronic intelligent management, lower fuel consumption, the first breakthrough in the bottleneck of 200g/kWh, the first overhaul in 24000 hours.

  2, MTU4000 series diesel generating sets using ADEC advanced management system, take the lead in the use of advanced common rail injection technology, the precise control of electronic management system, injection is more accurate, more sufficient combustion, lower fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. The first overhaul time is up to 30000 hours or more.