Cummins generator sets

Product model: Cummins generator sets

Product number: HDDYFDJZ-003

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  Cummins power is a leading manufacturer of transformation of global design and manufacture of pre integrated generator, switch, parallel equipment and control system, the products are widely used often contained in standby, and continuous operation of the system.

  Set all major components -- engine, alternator and control system -- all by Cummins Inc. manufacturing. This mode of production means, each member unit from the start, with the whole machine working in harmony as the design objective.

  The basic characteristics of generator

  Cummins engine

  1, heavy load for water-cooling engine durability type four stroke industry

  2, good transient response characteristics of

  AC synchronous generator

  1, matching the 2/3 pitch low reactance winding

  2, the insulation class H

  3, strong ability to withstand short circuit

  4, the nonlinear load voltage waveform distortion

  PCC digital control system

  Highly integrated control system

  1, a microprocessor as the core of the intelligent control system

  2, to achieve optimal and reliable operation of generating units

  3, integrated engine speed and generator voltage regulation function

  4, according to RFI/EMI standard and surge test specification

  Power monitoring and alarm function

  1, monitoring the running state of the engine and the generator.

  2, the system self diagnosis function