UK Wilson generator sets

Product model: UK Wilson generator sets

Product number: HDDYFDJZ-001

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  FG Wilson Generating Set

  1, generating set

  Diesel engine manufactured by UK, starting by DC, fan of closed cycle cooling water tank. Alternator is made in France, brushless self-excited, insulation class H, neutral directly grounding, protective performance accords with IP22/23 standard (NEMA1). Control panel manufactured by Wilson factory, which can meet the requirements of the basic manipulation, and convenient to upgrade. Short circuit protection is provided with a generator, the overload protection, by random MCCB (ACB) 3 (or 4) circuit breaker execution. Technical indicators in accordance with ISO3046, ISO8528, BS4999 unit, BS5000, BS5514, BS7689 and ISO9001 and other international and national quality standards and in accordance with the ISO14001 international environmental standards.

  2, unit with 12V or 24V lead-acid battery and charger, for 6 consecutive start.

  3, P900E1 (and smaller) unit is with a base type daily (6 hours) tank.

  4, unit attached to the industrial type muffler, a shock absorber, damping the larynx and simple installation material expansion.

  5, the dry cylinder type air filter and shell oil, diesel filter, can be easily replaced.

  6, Integrated structure, the base is made of high strength steel, rotating parts with protective cover.

  7, optional accessories include:

  Intelligent control panel (remote monitoring, and parallel)

  Automatic load output (SWITCHING) screen

  Automatic synchronization and parallel control system

  Water (oil) sheathed heater

  Electronic governor (Except EFI and the factory has been equipped with electronic governor unit)

  Battery floating charge device