The main sales of electrical parameters of synchronous generator

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Release time:2017-08-20

  The main electrical parameters ofsynchronous generator with the amount of:

  (1) rated power (PE) refers to the maximumactive power output of the generator can at rated operating conditions, inunits of kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW).

  (2) rated voltage (Ue) refers to a generatorin the normal operation of the line voltage, in volts (V) or kV (kW).

  (3) rated current (Ie) refers to a generatorin the rated operation of the line current, the unit for security (A) or Ka(kA).

  (4) rated speed (NC) generator in order tomaintain the frequency of AC to 50Hz speed, unit for the RPM (r/min).

  (5) rated efficiency (η E) refers to the efficiency of generator at rated state run time

  (6) rated frequency (FE) the provisions ofthe rated frequency 50Hz.

  (7) rated power factor (COS E): refers tothe power factor of the motor rated at run time.

  (8) rated temperature rise in the operationof generator stator winding and rotor winding allows the number of degrees thanthe ambient temperature. Our country regulation environment temperature to 40 ℃ calculation.