The Bengbu electric power job specialization reform program of cocoon shell

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Release time:2017-08-20


  On 21 January, the new progress made in thereform of rural power system in Bengbu power supply company, operatingprofessional plan after attestation, finally broken cocoon shell. Professionalwork of rural power structure as the substantial change of rural power, is abreakthrough. The regional management, but also solve the power supplyenterprise sustainable development, hinder the important measures to promoterural fine deep problems. The Bengbu electric power will enter a newdevelopment area.

  Long term since, rural power because of workcontent, wide, heavy task, less staff, working mechanism is not perfect, workmass, copy, collection, distribution to implement a package, the lack ofscientific arrangement, often has no overall plan for a fundamentaltransformation, beard eyebrows a catch, make the power supply work in. To dealwith the state, all day long bustling about, to improve the efficiency of.Facing this situation, Bengbu rural work leading to serious reflection,combined with the advanced experience of brother unit, taken in early 2009, thepower supply of the reform of the mechanism of action. The reform in order tocomplete the power supply the camp with the basic requirements of theseparation and copy the tube, establish professional working mode. The core isthrough the formation of regional distribution, distribution operation,separation of power supply repair, engineering business, realize the separationbetween marketing. Through the formation of meter reading center or in the establishmentof reading class, reading separation power supply business, realize the campcopy separation.

  Through the professional reform, solve goodemployees change and the new system to adapt to the problem. Promote thetransformation of work organization specialized is a management philosophy, butalso is a change in thinking, the habit of breaking, may also affect the vestedinterest of electricians, so there will be no understanding, no response, andeven conflict, will bring the implementation of resistance. We need to ruralelectrician's acceptance of a new management mode of correct guidance andeducation.

  With the professional reform of ERPconstruction, solve the process reengineering and optimization problems. Seizethe SunShine Co and the power supply are engaged in is the core business of thecompany's main, that is copied, nuclear, receive, equipment maintenance, repairservices, desalination engineering function, especially the function ofindustry expansion project. To distinguish between primary and secondary, todistinguish between the severity of. The power supply of the work as a whole,improve work efficiency, promote the construction efficiency of power supply.